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Sort out storage space issues

Most homes look cluttered because we do not have enough storage space. More storage requires more furniture and that adds to the cost of remodeling. Try giving your entry a functional and classy look by including multi-purpose storage systems. A shoe caddy could double up as a bench at the entry. You could also include inexpensive things like lockers, wall hooks, cubbies etc to help keep up first impressions.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are often too expensive to include in a home improvement plan that needs to be on a budget. However, you can get affordable light fixtures that can make particular spots in your living room or kitchen look beautiful and soothing. You can add statement pieces of your own that look like they cost a bomb but are actually quite reasonable. These statement pieces can also serve as functional elements in places like your kitchen. It can be a source of light for your kitchen sink where lights are often ignored and cleaning and prepping utensils become a painful task.

Closet issues

Sort all closet issues by measuring the space that you have to make a closet work. Also, consider your current lifestyle and your future relationships so that you invest in a closet once and it serves your purpose for a long time. You can buy affordable closet organizers that give you more space instead of investing in yet another closet and blowing your budget completely.

Modular units

Modular units help save a lot of space and also make your home look trendy and fashionable. Modular kitchens are a rage because most homes do not have enough space for an enclosed kitchen. Moreover, books and other items of interest also take a lot of space and need separate units for display. You can get modular units attached to one another as continuations on wall space. This not only makes your home look classy and trendy but also saves you money that you would have otherwise spent in buying separate cabinets for everything.
To learn more about the prices of cabinets, see tradesmenprices here. It is not compulsory to spend a lot of money on buying accessories and units to remodel your home. All you require is a creative bent of mind and a bit of research to find what sells at a better price.